Smoker’s Guide To Best (and Worst) Cigar Humidors – Read This Before You Buy!

December 06, 2020 4 min read

Smoker’s Guide To Best (and Worst) Cigar Humidors – Read This Before You Buy!

Smoker’s Guide To Best (and Worst) Cigar Humidors – Read This Before You Buy

Humidor HQ’s Definitive Guide To Evaluating and Purchasing A New Humidor

Our Methodology: 

For the ease of the discerning cigar aficionado, we have systematically aggregated the reviews of hundreds of humidors and highlighted our key findings below. Learn the facts of our featured humidors, and evaluate yourself using our three-point scoring system. 


Before You Buy:  

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a seasoned cigar smoker looking for an upgrade, or a newer smoker looking to build your collection. Either way, your goal is the same: to preserve the life and quality of your cigars, and display them in an elegant piece of furniture that enhances your home or office’s style. If you make the right choice, you will improve your cigars’ quality, set the tone for a relaxing smoking environment, and ultimately, upgrade your overall smoking experience. 

A quality humidor is a major purchase and we want to equip you to make an informed decision. For further information or explanation, feel free to reach out to us at SALES@HUMIDORHQ.COM


Our Best Reviewed Humidors:

“Elvis is in the Building” – The Cadillac of Humidors, Our Top Pick for 2021

The Reagan 4000 Electric Cabinet Humidor 

The last humidor you’ll ever need. This is easily our top rated and reviewed humidor; from the perspective of features, performance, and style, the Reagan 4000 stands firmly above all humidors. Tech lovers will be impressed: the humidor boasts independent humidity and temperature controls, a cooling and heating system, a built in electronic humidification system, dehumidification, and adjustable hygrometer calibration for each side of the humidor to be independently set to your liking. The easy-to-use controls are attractive, and one of my personal favorite features, have a memory configuration setting to save your temperature and climate preferences. The functionality is also highly impressive. With twelve separate drawers, three adjustable dividers, and two separate, air-sealed ecosystems, you can customize your cigar display to fit your creativity. And the de-mist glass features eliminates condensation to make sure your cigars are always safety and attractively featured. The ornate design complements the range of features and adds a polished look to any room. Simply put, this is the king of humidors. If it’s in your price range this is an easy decision. 

Performance: A+

Design: A

Overall Value: A+

The Style Icon:

The Saint Regis 4,000 Cabinet Humidor 

If you’re looking to upgrade your humidor and add a beautiful bold piece of furniture to your home, look no further. The gorgeous Saint Regis humidor stands out with its cherry red finish and has the performance to match. Equipped with six state-of-the-art oblong humidifiers and a detailed set of controls, you can be completely confident in your cigars’ preservation, longevity, and smoking quality. And with a 4000-cigar capacity, nine removable storage slots, separate lower storage areas and multiple angled shelves, even the most seasoned smoker need not worry about the display and organization of their entire collection.

Performance: A

Design: A+

Overall Value: A

Our Value Pick:

The Santiago End Table Humidor

If you’re looking for a compact yet gorgeous new humidor for a smaller space like a home office, or simply looking for a first step into humidor ownership, this should be your first and last stop. You’re getting efficiency, value, and classic design in a neat, stylish package. Don’t let the size fool you: the Santiago End Table Humidor preserves up to 700 cigars, boasts six separate humidifiers for maximum air circulation, and has an extra bottom storage area with a shelf for your cigar accessories. The sturdy glass top displays your cigars and functions as an end table to complement any space in the home. 

Performance: A-

Design: A

Overall Value: A+


Our Worst Reviewed Humidors

G.A. Andron

It’s got an attractive price point for a first-time humidor owner, but even that is not enough to overcome this humidor’s many shortcomings. The humidity source, a white sponge in a lucite tray does not perform consistently and cigars dry out. Adding water needs to be done frequently, and the lid for doing so is poorly designed and feels flimsy. Even at this price, you can find better.

Performance: D

Design: C-

Overall Value: D

Extraordinary Humidor

We were really rooting for this one. It’s design, at first, is quite impressive. However, after just a short period of use, this humidor started falling apart. The lid and joints started separately and leaving gaps almost immediately upon use. The mechanical problems do not end there; the box does not breathe properly and cigars are prone to getting overly humid, even becoming noticeably damp in some cases. Another note, strangely, the humidor is designed of solid wood, and is much heavier than average. And its capacity is only one hundred cigars. It might work as furniture if you never really use it. 

Performance: D

Design: B+

Overall Value: D+

Caribbean Cigar

To put it nicely, this humidor feels unfinished. The good news is, if you have a few cigars and not-so-high standards, you might be able to preserve your cigars in this humidor. The bad news, its high-maintenance, requires twice-weekly refilling with water, and does not seem intended for long term use. The lid closes only under heavy pressure and the joints feel rough. There are no hygrometers, no dividers, and holding it feels oddly similar to holding a plain cigar box. 

Performance: C+

Design: D

Overall Value: C

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