Cabinet Humidors

Our selection of cabinet humidors provide cigar storage for anywhere from 1000-5000 cigars. These cabinet humidors are built using Spanish cedar, which has excellent weathering characteristics and high humidity absorption capacity.  These large cabinet humidors are equipped with an array of cigar shelves and drawers for additional storage. For the customer who prefers a more modern look and approach to storage, we also carry several electronic cigar humidor cabinets and commercial humidors.

Our line of electric cabinet humidors includes feature electronic climate control, allowing for the adjustment of both temperature and humidity with the simple touch of a button. Each of our electronic cabinet humidors also comes equipped with multiple internal humidifiers, assuring that the internal humidity remains consistent, along with the flavor and freshness of the cigars it holds.

Our most popular and best reviewed humidors are the Tower Of Power 3000 and the Olde English Cabinet Humidor.